Freelance Systems Strategy Design & Virtual Assistance for Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s so great to have you stop by. Are you a Creative Female Entrepreneur?

Well, you know what, so am I and I know how it goes. I know you have a few things that you desperately need to be sorted out but your time is, of course, your money and you seem to be spending all of it trying to get your admin done.

I can help you.

What are you struggling with right now in your business? Some of these might sound familiar.

  • Just not enough time in a day to fix those graphics in Canva.
  • Posting to your Social Media regularly is almost impossible?
  • Are you desperate to set up your Social Media platforms, but just don’t know when you will ever get to it?
  • You already know what you want but you just need the system set up for you.
  • Copy Editing, Blog Posts and more.

What would you say if I told you I could help you out and tailor a plan specifically for you to get the things you need doing and tick them off your list? Book a FREE 15-minute virtual meetup and chat about what you need.

The answer is easy really. OUTSOURCE on a FREELANCE basis.

No employment contracts or other HR Red Tape. No retainers and you always know what you are in for.

Celeste was very prompt with her response.

I needed some copy editing done with quite a short deadline. Celeste was very prompt with her response, the material was returned to me in good time and I was very happy with the edits and suggestions made. Megan Bosman, Honeycomb Digital

Onwards & upwards!

Thank you for getting my life back on track. When trying to run a business, connecting with customers and product development is where the focus should be. I found the constant demand to keep on top of what was going in and out was taking too much time. You really helped me catch up with the backlog that was causing so much unnecessary anxiety as well as found effective processes to help me maintain for the future. I very much look forward to a continued relationship.
Shirley Anderson Sales Consulting & Training